Shakyla Clarke

Ascent Virtual Assistance

I stumbled across Chantelle's comment in a VA Facebook group offering a chance to do her intern program. I quickly messaged Chantelle and have not looked back. In 3 weeks Chantelle has given me a huge range of knowledge, challenged skills sets and thoroughly supported me, despite living in different parts of the world - and we're only halfway through!

The intern program captured me from the onset and each week has provided me with new knowledge, interests and confidence. I am already starting to think about how I can make my impact in the VA world.
I would definitely recommend this program!

AR Faja

Chantelle is Great! very kind and helpful mentor. She taught me tips and insights that I can use in my future business. Thankful enough I found an expert like her. Thanks Chantelle Venter.

Ellie Hall

Hey Miss Ellie

Chantelle's knowledge of online business strategy is impressive. In just one short conversation, she came up with a brilliant plan to grow my coaching business. I could not be more impressed. I highly recommend her.


I am very impressed with the ideas Chantelle suggested. she provided great strategy for my business . Love to work more in future 🙂

Emily Arnold

I definitely recommend Chantelle Venter program. I was looking for someone to teach me how to successfully run my virtual assistant business and I found Chantelle on free mom formula, I sent her a message, and am pleased by how hard she has worked to help and make sure I was always on the right path.

She has helped me gain knowledge I wouldn't have anywhere else, being patient and explain better when I needed help, she was always there to guide me and the insight she has to help is incredible, I am so grateful to have met her and glad to have taken her intern program it was worth every penny and more.. Thank you so much Chantelle Venter!!!

Martha Warner

Chantelle Venter is great! Her enthusiasm and passion are very clear. She is a skilled writer who is poised to help at any moment. She communicates very well and quickly even though she is halfway across the planet.

Alice Co

Virtually Amazing

We are blown away by Chantelle's results! She is really a professional in her field, her content writing ideas are enticing and full of knowledge. She has exceeded our expectations by providing more than what was expected given the compressed timeline so you can surely rely on her. We are beyond happy with her work.


Chantelle was great to work with. I loved all the options she gave me. Communication and turnaround were fast. I am very happy with the logo!